Weslo Cadence C22 Treadmill Review : Don’t Even Think About It!

Weslo Cadence C22 TreadmillThe Weslo Cadence C22 Treadmill from Icon Health and Fitness is a complete waste of money.

There I’ve said it – no point beating about the bush.

If you want to buy a fancy coat hanger or large ornament to gather dust you can do it a lot more cost-effectively than with this treadmill.

Of course, it IS one of the cheapest motorized treadmills you can buy ( and you can pick it up at the moment for around $200) but that’s the whole problem with it. If you want a quality treadmill you have to pay the price. This one will only disappoint you.

Why are we so hard on this treadmill even though it is so popular?

We are trying to prevent you making a big mistake and we know the popularity of the C22 is based on price and clever marketing rather than on sound buying decisions, reviews or ratings. You will find the Weslo C22 everywhere in retail stores and online. I’m really not sure why big names are so happy to sell something that people are not going to be happy with – something to do with profit margins I suspect?

Those who repair treadmills for a living give it short shrift anyway

“It should be criminal to sell this machine”

“This thing is a steaming pile of camel dung for sure.”

Features of the Weslo cadence C22 treadmill

  • The speed on the C22 reaches no more than 5 mph. You cannot run on this treadmill and a brisk walk will tax it.
  • The tiny Cadence motor is a pathetic 1.0HP – you should be looking for a motor rating of at least 2.0 and preferably 2.5 continuous HP.
  • The treadmill belt is a tiny 13″ by 40″ – too small for comfort on a motorized treadmill used by normal sized people
  • One good feature of the Weslo C22 cadence treadmill is that it folds which is just as well – you will want to get this Spacesaver treadmill out of your sight.
  • The console keeps track of speed, time, distance, calories and fat calories burned but there are no program settings to give your workout variety and help reduce boredom
  • There are only 3 incline positions ( 5, 7 and 9%) which you have to adjust manually by getting off the treadmill, folding it up and adjusting the legs(!)
  • Manufacturers claim a maximum weight capcity of 250lbs – I would not trust it at that level – it is far too flimsy and you will also overtax the motor
  • The machine itself weighs just 89lbs – imagine what a 250lb weight in motion can do to the stability – it’s not pretty

Our Summary

The Weslo Cadence C22 treadmill – don’t even consider spending hard earned dollars here for one second unless all you want is to say you’ve got a treadmill and don’t actually want to work out on one.


Where to Buy the Weslo Cadence C22 treadmill

$100 home gymIf you must you can get the C22 Cadence treadmill from Amazon but don’t say I didn’t warn you. (If the Weslo C22 is all you can afford please look at options other than a treadmill for getting fit at home! See our complete home gym for $100 page for a start which will give you a number of effective ways of getting in shape at low cost (some of them free))