Horizon Fitness Treadmill – Buy or Beware?

Horizon Fitness treadmills is a brand owned by Johnson Health Tech who have been manufacturing home fitness equipment for over 25 years.

They have built up a good reputation over that time for producing good quality products with great features.

And their treadmills all feature

  • Continuous-duty horsepower motors strong enough for either walking or running, regulated so that they deliver smooth consistent power at both lower and higher speeds and with an unbeatable warranty
  • Low noise levels – much lower than those on the commercial machines making it easy to watch TV or listen to music while you work out
  • Good shock absorption – a variable cushioning system means that the impact is reduced when your foot hits the belt, but you get firm support to push off on your next stride.

So why am we uneasy about giving Horizon fitness equipment a wholehearted recommendation?

Build Quality

We have read too many recent customer reviews of Horizon treadmills with heavy criticism of the build quality to feel entirely comfortable.

There are just too many stories about exercise equipment being delivered with bolts not fitting, or holes not being there. (See the T71 Horizon Treadmill review on Amazon and the Horizon T72 review too)

Now Horizon Fitness seem to be answering these issues and have taken some steps to deal with the problem – they have added a note to their poor reviews on Amazon for example, but we would like to see the effects of this concern filtering through in new reviews before we are completely happy to recommend.

And we will keep an eye on this, because in the main, once the unit is assembled buyers are happy with their Horizon treadmill purchase – you get a lot of features for your money and a good workout on the machines. What’s more, Horizon Fitness (unlike many manufacturers) have enough confidence in their equipment to provide a fantastic warranty and they stand by it (unlike some manufacturers) – so all things considered, you may want to take a chance on the build quality.


Horizon treadmills are generally affordable and in the low to mid-range for treadmill prices.


Horizon Fitness have a policy of renaming their products to suit different outlets. This is pretty annoying because it makes comparing treadmills across different sellers almost impossible.

You’ll find a whole heap of model numbers out there : their website current lists the following models for starters (1.3T, 2.3T, 3.3T, 5.3T, CT81, CT83, GS1035T, LS760T, T1200, T4, T500, T6, T700, T800, T81, T82, T83, T84, T900, WT751 and WT951) and we found many more elsewhere such as the Treo T707 Horizon treadmill, the Horizon T73, and the Horizon T72 Treadmill / Horizon T62 Treadmill (around $800 and given a great rating by a guy who repairs treadmills as “an incredible machine at an incredible price”).

The most popular model at the moment is the T81 treadmill which is actually a slight upgrade for the T71. You can read our full review of the Horizon Fitness T81 treadmill here

Multiple names and model numbers for the same machine mean that, if you find one in a store it is likely to be sold only by that chain. Of course, it helps protect the stores against online competition and allows them to keep prices high but it is not great for the consumer.

Our advice then is to compare the actual specification of the machine you find against

  • our comprehensive free treadmill buying guide (ask more questions if you do not get the answers you need from the store or web page)
  • your requirements
  • other makes and models of treadmill with similar specifications.


Horizon Treadmills typically include a lifetime guarantee on the frame and (unusually for the fitness equipment industry) on the motor mechanics. The machines are generally tough and durable and they are backed by a good service department too.

Our Summary


Horizon Fitness treadmills are very competitively priced for a product with great features. If the problems with build quality can be overcome they will be hard to beat for the money especially with their lifetime guarantee on frame and motor.


Where to Buy A Horizon Fitness Treadmill

If you are not proficient at assembly and decide to go for a Horizon Fitness treadmill due to a great specification and price, see if you can get the machine delivered and assembled by the dealer even if you have to pay a bit extra.

If you are happy to wield a few tools look at the great Horizon Treadmill deals on Amazon and make use of the Horizon customer service department (who seem more responsive than most where cheap treadmills are concerned) if you have any issues with putting your treadmill together.