Fitness Quest Manual Treadmill Review

If you’re looking for a manual fitness treadmill which is both sturdy and portable this folding treadmill from Fitness Quest may be what you are looking for.

You can see the current model – the Fitness Quest Edge 500 Treadmill (ETM00500) – in the picture.

Just one word of caution…

If a motorized treadmill is out of the question because you don’t have the budget or you need a piece of exercise equipment which doesn’t take up too much space, a manual treadmill is an option for you.

However do be aware that using a manual home treadmill is very different from using those commercial motorized treadmills at the gym.

What differences are there?

  • You really have to work to get the machine moving (which may be a good thing in terms of the workout you get but this can put a strain on your back, ankles and knees especially if you have joint problems to begin with).
  • You will probably find that you will have to hold onto to the sidebars to get any traction and keep the treadmill moving. This may be a problem if you like to walk and swing your arms naturally (If you are taller than average this may also mean that you have to bend slightly with the Fitness Quest Edge 500 machine). You can’t just get on the machine and walk normally – you have to work it.
  • You will only be able to walk – which may not sound like a problem now but as you get fitter you may very well want to break into a light jog now and again
  • If you are used to a variety of treadmill exercise programs you will just not get that with any manual treadmill (although with the Fitness Quest Edge 500 you can vary the incline in 3 different positions). Your treadmill exercise program options will be moving faster or slower (under your own steam) on 3 different inclines (which you set manually).

On the plus side, once you get used to the motion and incline of the Fitness Quest you will find that it’s a good treadmill for getting a reasonable workout and most people are pleased that it does the job well – you can get fit and tone up with the machine right at home then store it away easily (it’s fairly heavy (59lbs) but has built in wheels for easy movement).

Review of the Fitness Quest Features

The Fitness Quest Manual treadmill has the following features

  • an open-ended walking surface which is roomy enough for a smaller person (but some treadmill reviews have said that those who are taller than average (6 foot or more) may find it too small)
  • a smooth motion in use (once you get going) due to 2 weighted flywheels
  • built in electronics to track speed, distance, time and calories burned. (Be aware you need to be close to a power outlet if you want to use the tracking. Also there has been a customer review or two saying that this element of their Fitness Quest treadmill was not working well (or at all) on delivery. I guess this is true with any electronic device. What is important to note is that Fitness Quest replaced faulty units without any trouble. )
  • three different incline positions which lock in manually allowing you to vary the intensity of your workout. (You have to stop your workout to adjust them)
  • ability to fold up – a great space saver and convenient for storage with built in wheels. Great for setting up in front of the TV and then putting away out of sight when you’re done
  • solidly built piece of exercise equipment – this is in contrast to many cheaper models you see on TV commercials and in stores
  • the Edge 500 belt is 39 inches long by 12 inches wide approximately – this may be a bit narrow especially if you are not steady on your feet
  • some assembly is required and you may need help getting the heavy box where you want it in your home
  • Length (when assembled) 47 inches – make sure you have floor space where you want to exercise
  • Dimensions (when Folded) Length: 24 inches Width: 23 inches Height: 50 inches
  • Maximum User Weight : 225 Pounds (If you are heavier you need something sturdier)
  • Maintenance – Keep the belt well oiled to ensure it remains smooth in operation
  • Warranty – 90 days on parts and frame (This leaves something to be desired!)

Our Summary


If you just want to walk to get fit at home and can’t afford an electronic treadmill, the Fitness Quest Edge 500 manual treadmill is a reasonable workout machine for the price Potentially the best treadmill with manual operation and very easy to store. But do you really want a manual treadmill or will it just gather dust?


Where to Buy Fitness Quest Edge 500 Manual Treadmill

You can purchase the Edge 500 Manual Treadmill exercise treadmill at a discount through Amazon.

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Though the Edge 500 is not a bad machine, in our view the real question is whether you want to spend good money on a manual treadmill at all when there are many other options for getting in shape at low cost (take a look at our $100 home gym article for a whole host of suggestions (some of them free).