Elliptical Reviews : Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Our “Best Buys”

This article is a general guide to Elliptical reviews and ratings. If you are looking for our “Best Buys” recommendations then you’ll find them on the Best Ellipticals page.

Our aim is to do all the hard work of reading ALL the elliptical machine reviews, including offline consumer reports and mounds of user comments. We look at and analyze every elliptical rating we can so that you don’t have to wade your way through them all.

Your own Research

But if you decide to do your own research on the best elliptical machines, make sure that when you look at the consumer reports on fitness equipment on the web and in the press that you don’t just take everything they say at face value.

You have to look for more evidence because consumer reviews and web pages praising a particular brand are often created by manufacturers of particular elliptical trainers or their affiliates.

Also think about exactly what you need from your choice of elliptical exercise equipment. Because the best elliptical machine for a reviewer is not necessarily the best for you.

If a particular elliptical trainer review has a 5 star rating or best buy tag it sometimes just means that the site is trying to sell you that model – because all models have their pros and cons – and reading a few more elliptical trainer reviews can sometimes give you a very different picture.

If a particular elliptical trainer review has a 5 star rating or best buy tag it sometimes just means that the site is trying to sell you that model

Above all make sure you don’t buy an elliptical just because you read a review that is really an ad in disguise.

Elliptical Consumer Reports

Do you do better with independent consumer reviews?

The Problem is that even if independent elliptical consumer reports sing the praises of an elliptical stepper it doesn’t mean that they have tried all the makes and models – that would just be impossible.

They generally try the leading and popular brands. Sometimes they will try a model and find it good quality but they don’t use it for years, day in day out or subject it to the heaviest maximum weight load and see how it copes. It’s just not feasible to do that.

User Reviews

This is where the user ratings are great. You can read how people have fared after using their elliptical machine for years. While people are more likely to post a comment if they have had an unhappy experience you’ll usually find good comments about a quality or cost-effective elliptical machine which provide more of a balanced view.

Quality Factor

When weighing up your options, remember to compare elliptical machines for that important quality factor as well as price and features.

Sometimes in a straight elliptical comparison it looks like you are getting greater value for money in a cheap elliptical exerciser but it’s no economy if your machine gives out after a paltry 90 day guarantee and the parts and labor to fix it cost almost as much as the original purchase price.

Remember, the best elliptical trainers are not always those with the most “bells and whistles” but those which are built to withstand hard use for serious exercise.

On the other hand, you might consider whether you really need to pay for one of the best elliptical trainers, one which according to all the home elliptical reviews will withstand hard use, if you are only going to use your elliptical machine a couple of times a week for light exercise.

Your needs

That’s why you should always take your own needs into consideration as you read the reviews of elliptical trainers. When you look at the customer comments on elliptical review sites (and on consumer review sites in general) you can often see a mismatch between the customer’s expectation (or actual need) and what they bought. They simply didn’t choose the best elliptical trainer to meet their needs.

So you see there’s more to elliptical reviews than meets the eye. If you don’t feel like doing a lot of research remember we have already done a lot of the work here on this site. I hope you will find it helpful in your quest for right elliptical for you.

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We will add more elliptical reviews as we research each model. If you have an interest in a particular model please let us know and we do our best to review it for you.