Reebok Elliptical Trainer Review

Reebok elliptical trainerThe Reebok elliptical trainer is actually built by Icon Fitness, who licensed the Reebok name from the well-known shoe company.

Icon build elliptical trainers under many brand names including Proform, Nordic Track, Image, Weslo and Healthrider.


The price of a Reebok elliptical machine ranges from about $500 to $1800 – so they are in the low to moderate price range.


Like other Icon brands, Reebok ellipticals benefit from the innovative engineers at Icon and they have good features for the money you pay.

However these machines also appear to suffer from some of the build quality problems which often seem to plague the Icon brand. The often touted theory is that Icon concentrate on giving value for money in the features they offer but this is at the expense of quality.

Reebok Elliptical Reviews and Ratings

The quality issues are reflected in a number of customer reviews and ratings around the web yet there are also a whole heap of people who love their Reebok elliptical machine.

In looking at reviews you do have to weigh up the fact that people are more likely to talk about a bad experience and use the opportunity to sound off than they are to write about a good or average experience.

Nevertheless the only review to date at Amazon of the Reebok RL 545 model says that assembly had problems and that it developed faults under use. And the Reebok Elliptical reviews at are also a mixed bag.

A Good Buy?

Are the Reebok ellipticals a good buy? There’s the dilemma – You appear to get a lot for your money, you love the features, you love the sleek appearance, you love the brand but will your Reebok elliptical trainer be OK when you assemble it and will it stand up to regular use?

Here are the details to help you make up your mind.


  • The consoles and display on Reebok elliptical trainers are very clear and easy to understand and you’ll love the range of programs.
  • Many models have built in fans though you may find you are better using a larger more powerful fan near to the machine if you want a strenuous workout.
  • Most models feature upper body workout arms which allow you to exercise your whole body at the same time and burn more calories in less time
  • The Reebok elliptical range benefits from Icon iFit technology. This allows you to download further workout programs designed by personal trainers for which there is a small charge after the first month. Most people are fine varying their exercise sessions with the ample pre-programmed workouts and the manual controls if you don’t want to pay for this service.


Reebok produce economy ellipticals. If you are used to using a commercial machine at the gym you will notice the difference in sturdiness with the Reebok especially at the lower end of the range.

If you are towards the heavier end of the maximum weight limit you really need to invest in a more expensive machine because the Reebok machines will feel quite wobbly.


The lower-end elliptical models, the Reebok RL 525 and RL 545 have only 90 day parts and labor warranty which does not give a whole lot of consumer confidence in the machines.

Higher priced models such as the RL 725 and RL 900 come with one year parts and labor which is slightly longer than the cheaper “expect it to break down with heavy wear” type models but not so long as we like to see in something which costs this much money.

If you are concerned about longevity but love the features offered by the Reebok elliptical and the great price (which, let’s face it, is lower than many other ellipticals out there with fewer features), consider taking out an extended warranty which will give you some peace of mind.


If you are looking for a cheap elliptical trainer the Reebok Elliptical RL545 model may be a good choice at around $700 (M.R.P.). This crosstrainer offers a number of pre-programmed workouts along with the upper-body exercise you get with the arm extensions. You can usually buy the Reebok RL 545 elliptical at a discount at Amazon.

If you have the money, you could try the pricier versions which tend to be heavier (and therefore sturdier and smoother) and which come with a longer warranty. You can compare the various models at Workout Warehouse. Top of the range is the Reebok RL1500 which looks like a dream machine and comes with 20 programs, two fans to keep you cool and a heart rate monitor which feeds back to the HRM programs on the machine so that you workout at the right pace. I have also seen this model on special offer for $999.99 at the Sports Authority website although the M.R.P. is almost $2000.

Our Summary

Reebok elliptical machines are feature packed for the money and if you get a model that is well built you’ll get a smooth workout. If you are concerned about your elliptical holding out under regular use, make sure that you buy an extended warranty package along with your equipment.

Where to Buy Reebok Fitness Equipment

As Reebok Elliptical Trainers are very popular they are widely available although the one place you won’t find them is at a site (the Reebok company website is actually at which doesn’t carry them either).

Along with other machines at the lower end of the price spectrum, we advise you to buy your Reebok exercise equipment from a well-known source such as, Workout Warehouse or Sports Authority. This means you have an additional and trusted point of contact should things go wrong.