Precor Elliptical Trainer – Great Quality at a Price

Precor elliptical trainerPrecor elliptical equipment has a great reputation. In fact, they have remained the premium brand for elliptical trainers since their invention by the company back in 1995.

Due to their well-deserved reputation for quality, Precor are the leading producer of commercial as well as consumer fitness equipment and you’ll generally find a Precor elliptical trainer or six is almost any gym.

Basically, if you want quality and you’re prepared to pay a lot for it then this is the brand to go for.

Quality Ellipticals

Precor only use the very best components and materials to create their elliptical trainers which they put together in a state of the art construction process.

What you get is elliptical exercise equipment which you can use without fear that it will give out on you no matter how often or how hard you work it. If you take your exercise and fitness seriously you need serious equipment and this is as serious as it gets.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews

While other lesser ellipticals have people reporting problems all over the web, complaints in the elliptical machine reviews from Precor owners are only remarkable by their absence.

Perhaps they are just getting on enjoying their superb quality elliptical exercise equipment and allowing others to bemoan other choices with bits missing, broken or not fitting together during assembly or machines starting to make funny noises after a short time of moderate use.


It seems that in the world of elliptical equipment (fitness equipment overall if the truth be told) you get what you pay for and you will have to pay big bucks for Precor type quality.

But if you can afford the price tag ($2,799 for the basic EFX 5.17 model up to $6,999 or more for the higher end models) you will not regret investing in one of these machines. You will enjoy many years of use (and maybe the price will motivate to you to make sure you do use your elliptical trainer regularly!)


Unlike the manufacturers who offer only 90 days or a year long warranty, Precor stand by their machines, showing confidence in the quality of the build and components. All models have a lifetime warranty on the frame with ten years warranty on parts and one year labor.


Now you would think if you pay top dollar for a machine you would also get a whole heap of add-on features but generally the Precor ellipticals are not feature rich – all the money goes into the build and components (where it should be).

Nevertheless some things set Precor trainers apart from other ellipticals.

Precor Elliptical EFX Cross Training

Many Precor elliptical trainers use CrossRamp technology which is the heart of their high end EFX elliptical branding. EFX stands for “elliptical fitness cross trainer” and the meaning of cross trainer in this case is cross training of the lower body muscles rather than the addition of arm poles for an upper body workout.

The Crossramp technology changes the incline of the ramp on the footpads and this means that you can easily vary the muscle groups which are used in your workout.

If you also vary the intensity of your exercise, you will get fantastic results. I think, you would be hard pushed to find an elliptical machine which gives you such a total lower body workout.

Upper Body Workout

If you are looking for an upper body workout you may be disappointed with some of the Precor elliptical cross trainer EFX range – many models don’t have the arm extensions popular in many of the cheaper ellipticals.

With some Precor models, the arm poles are an option – you choose between the Crossramp technology and the upper body workout..

Having looked into this it seems many personal trainers believe that the handlebars are not always a good idea and that you are better off working on your upper body separately and driving the elliptical action using only your legs.

This takes more effort than driving the elliptical with both arms and legs and is better for strengthening your legs and glutes which get a more powerful workout. If you want to work your upper body at the same time as getting your elliptical workout you can use hand weights.

The only reservation I have with this idea is that if you are a beginner you might find it tough to balance right at the start and you may need to work up to this stage. Luckily there are plenty of resistance levels so that you can start off at a level that is right for you.

Smooth Action Elliptical

Precor Elliptical machines are built in such a way that they have a wonderful smooth action – they claim that the action of the equipment is in alignment with your body’s natural movements and there is more than one elliptical review which agrees.

Though it is often said that the action is so smooth, you don’t notice how intense you are exercising I can’t say that I have experienced this with any piece of cardio exercise equipment including Precor! You would notice the difference however between a Precor and a less smooth machine because you could keep working out longer.

Precor Models

Precor stand head and shoulders above other manufacturers as the producers of the best elliptical machines, but once you have decided to pay the money you will still have a difficult choice to find the best elliptical trainer for you among all the models they have.

The Precor 5.17i is the basic model of the Precor range (around $2500) and has all the quality of the more expensive models with fewer features.

Although it does not have all the “bells and whistles” you might like to see in such an expensive piece of exercise equipment it really has everything you need for a serious workout with 20 resistance levels. Its solid steel framework supports up to 370lbs.

With this model you will miss heart rate monitoring however. You will have to purchase separate equipment for that. Also at this level there is no option for arm poles for an upper body workout. If you want the synchronised handlebars take a look at the Precor Elliptical EFX 5.19 model instead.

Both of the 5.17i and 5.19 models have a fixed ramp (as does the more expensive 5.33 model). If you are looking for the Precor Cross Ramp technology you have to move up to the Elliptical Precor EFX 5.2li model at around $3700 and the higher end models 523, 544. 546 and 556. Some of these high end models are of commercial quality and you will probably find some of them at your local gym, where you’ll be able to try them out.

The Elliptical Trainer Precor EFX 576i has recently been introduced and has both the Crossramp technology and arm poles for total body exercise. I haven’t managed to try this one out yet but knowing the quality of Precor fitness equipment I’d love to own one.

Our Summary


Precor elliptical trainers are the best you can buy – quality maintenance free machines for serious workouts and demanding users. If you have the budget, go for it and you will not regret your choice.


Where to Buy Precor Elliptical Machines

Precor elliptical trainers are not easily available online.

If you’re looking for a new full-priced model you can buy at a local fitness specialist. Precor protect their offline retailers by not making price comparison feasible and you are not likely to find a whole raft of sources locally even if you live in a big city.

If you would like to buy a Precor elliptical machine online there are just a few possibilities

Amazon had one model lat time I looked – the gym quality Precor Ellipical EFX 546 at a breathtaking amount.

You can also source some models through BigFitness though they seem to have resistrictions on where they are allowed to sell the Precor machines.

One thing you might like to consider with Precor elliptical exercise machines (which I would not suggest with cheaper, less reliable models) is looking at used equipment. So many people buy large high-dollar fitness equipment only to have it become a clothes hanger that you can really pick up a bargain.

Check out ebay for a regular supply of Precor equipment – there were over 40 Precor Elliptical trainers last time I looked and many are sold by companies who regularly deal with shipping these large items.

This is one way of getting your hands on a Precor Elliptical trainer. That way you will have one of the best elliptical machines without paying top dollar.