Best Buy Elliptical Trainers : Our Selection

Best Buy EllipticalsEllipticals Under $500

If you have ever tried an elliptical at a gym and enjoyed the experience (and don’t even consider buying one unless you have) you will be highly disappointed with anything you can buy under $500.

Of course some of the cheap ellipticals are better than others but we are not going to give anything a Best Buy award.

In our view, the best you can do is save your hard earned cash until you can afford something better or buy a less expensive piece of cardio equipment such as a rebounder or step, an exercise DVD and a great pair of athletic shoes.

If you really want an quality elliptical but don’t have the cash – think about whether you could afford to use your credit card to spread the payments over a few months. In many cases this will be cheaper than a gym membership and you will have all the convenience of working out at home.

$500 to $1000

If you’re prepared to stump up $500 to $1000 the possibilities of getting a reasonable workout on a home elliptical trainer are much greater. There are quite a few which we considered but we finally plumped for the following


EllipticalWhy we rate this
1.Schwinn 418 elliptical trainer
Schwinn 418 Elliptical Trainer
75 reviewers give average 4/5 at Amazon. Some important features (such as articulating pedals and Eddy Current Braking system ) normally found in top of the range models. (Note the Schwinn 438 and Scwinn 430 are also good choices although a little more expensive. See the comparison chart here.See our Review of the Scwinn 418
2.Sole E25 elliptical trainer
Sole E25 Elliptical*
Good reviews by people who repair ellipticals for a living. Great stride shape due to curved flywheel rods and long stride length for good elliptical action.See our Review of the Sole E25

*You can also find the Sole Ellipticals sold under the brand name Spirit. The Sole E25 is the equivalent of the Spirit ZE120


Around $1000 – $2000

There are quite a few choices in this price range and you can start to get a gym quality feel to your machine if you are prepared to pay over $1000. For some reason the best ellipticals are actually in the $1000 to $1500 price category and you need to spend more than $2000 to actually do better than these.


EllipticalWhy we rate this
1.Sole E35 elliptical trainer
Sole E35* Elliptical
Step up from the great E25 with more program options and an even more stable feel due to a heavier flywheel. Also see Sole E55 for an even heavier version.See our Review of the Sole E35
2.Smooth CE 2.1 elliptical trainer
Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical
Good reports all round about this ellipticalSee our Review of the Smooth CE 2.1

* The E35 is also sold as Spirit XE350


Around $2000 – $3000

There’s just one outstanding winner in this category. After that you’re better off looking at a Precor refurbished model (and there are some good deals to be had on ebay on Precor reconditioned units these days).


EllipticalWhy we rate this
1.Fitnex E70 elliptical trainer
Fitnex E70
Smooth and comfortable motion and great warranty. Commercial quality elliptical at a home elliptical price.See our Review of the Fitnex E70


Over $3000

If you have this much to spend buy the best and this means a Precor machine. No other company has managed to beat them for ellipticals in over 10 years. Choose any of the models with the features you like at the price you can afford. See our review of the Precor elliptical.