Weslo Cadence C44 Treadmill - Just Don't Go There!

Weslo Cadence C44 Treadmill

At around $400, the Weslo Cadence C44 treadmill by Icon Fitness is cheap - really cheap and that's where you have to be wary. You see machines which are going to (hopefully) take a pounding from you every day (or at least three times a week) can't afford to be cheap - they have to be sturdy and solid and that kind of quality costs a lot more than a Weslo Cadence machine.

Features of the C44

Weslo Cadence C44 reviews

It seems that there are only one or two people who are reasonably happy with their treadmill, most seem dissatisfied (and I can't see how you can be satisfied with the sort of experience you'll get from this $400 treadmill to be honest)

"I've had my C44 about 2 weeks now, and while I'm happy with it, I think I wish I'd waited until I could afford a better model."
Amazon review

" If you are even considering buying one of their products, your money is better spent getting your head checked."
Another Amazon review discussing experience with a faulty product

"Flimsy waste of money"

Our Summary

We don't recommend you buy the Weslo Cadence C44 treadmill. Save your money until you have enough for a good quality treadmill - one which you will enjoy using and which will serve you well for many years to come.

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Where to Buy the Weslo Cadence C44 Treadmill

You can buy the Weslo Cadence C44 Treadmill at Amazon but do you really want to...?

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