Weslo AerobicStride 2.0 Manual Treadmill - A Clothes Hanger in Waiting

Weslo Aerobicstride 2.0 Manual Treadmill

The Weslo AerobicStride 2.0 Manual Treadmill is another waste of time from Icon Health and Fitness. They just keep on making these treadmills I suppose because the unwary keep on buying them.

Don't be one of those disappointed buyers! Read on and you'll know why not to buy one!

Manual Treadmills

As you probably know with a manual treadmill you have to work the belt with your feet but you may not have considered how this affects the quality of your workout. Working the belt with your feet means:-

And if all the disadvantages of a manual treadmill are not enough to put you off this Weslo treadmill then I have to tell you that the Weslo Aerobicstride treadmill is also as flimsy as they come and feels unstable under use.

Points to Note

Our Summary

Weslo AerobicStride 2.0 Manual Treadmill : Give it a miss or you'll have an expensive trouser hanger before you know it

$100 home gym

Where to Buy

If you must, you can buy one from the Weslo website but it's much better to spend your money elsewhere.

Instead of buying a machine like the Weslo Aerobicstride you would do better to save your money for a more effective electronic treadmill, though you are unlikely to get a reasonable machine under $500.

If you have very little money to play with, take a look at our low cost options for getting in shape with our $100 home gym project You'll find all the fitness equipment you need here for strength training as well as cardio fitness (and some of the options are free).

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