Quantum Fitness 3.0 Treadmill - A Good Choice?

Quantum Fitness 3.0 Treadmill

As Quantum give their treadmills a model number relating to the Horse Power of the motor you may find the Quantum Fitness 3.0 treadmill in a number of different forms.

There's the Q3.0 S, the Q3.0 plain and simple and the Q3.0 SD.

So why three models with the same powerful motor?

Well there are some differences between them and a difference in the price too but whichever Quantum Fitness 3.0 treadmill you choose you'll not regret it. These machines spell quality all the way.

"Quantum's HealthSystems are built with the best American components for long-term reliability and durability. Every machine is carefully crafted with American pride and thoroughly tested in Quantum's Texas assembly plant before it leaves the door."

And yet the best of the bunch (the Quantum Fitness Q 3.0SD light commercial treadmill) retails for just $2,999 with the lower end Q3.0S available around $500 less. If you have that much money to spend on a treadmill we would highly recommend one of these.

Features of the Quantum Fitness 3.0 treadmills

Our Summary

Any of these Quantum Fitness 3.0 treadmill machines provide a great solution for the home purchaser looking for a quality machine which will be a pleasure to use and last for many years of hard use. Our advice would be to go for the best of the bunch - the Q3.0SD if you can afford it and you then have a gym quality machine at home at a very reasonable price indeed.

Where to Buy the Quantum Fitness 3.0 treadmill

You can buy the Quantum Fitness Q3.0SD light commercial treadmill on Amazon for a great price with free shipping. If you don't need to full range of features in the higher end SD model Amazon also has the Quantum Q3.0S home fitness treadmill.