Matrix T3X Treadmill : a 5 Star Machine

Matrix T3X Treadmill

The superb Matrix T3X treadmill is made by Johnson Tech - one of the largest fitness companies in the U.S. and they have a good name in the fitness world.

Johnson Tech cover the home fitness market with their Horizon Fitness brand which has a good reputation at the lower end of the scale. The Matrix T3X treadmill is at the lower end of the Johnson Tech commercial range, yet it is so competitively priced that it is worth considering for home use.

As you might expect from a commercial quality treadmill the Matrix T3X has everything you could want in a home treadmill. The Matrix TX3 incorporates many features you would normally find only in a treadmill costing twice the price - in fact, you get a high quality commercial treadmill without the high-quality commercial price tag.

What makes the Matrix T3X treadmill so special?

Features of the Matrix T3X Treadmill

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Matrix T3X reviews

There are no complaints to be found online about this treadmill - presumably users are just enjoying their superb machines rather than writing about them online. The lack of poor consumer reports is matched by high ratings and great reviews. One guy who repairs treadmills states:-

"The Matrix T3X Treadmill (and its almost identical twin, the Matrix T3Xi treadmill) is one of those wonderful little secrets of the fitness industry. In fact, if I had to pick the perfect higher end commercial treadmill it would be the Matrix T3X treadmill. It really is that darn good".


There are a number of options at this price but we wouldn't choose them. Precor, of course make great machines but you'll get better value from your Matrix T3X treadmill than you will from a Precor treadmill at the same level.

Our Summary

The Matrix T3X not only looks fantastic with its sleek design it is a powerful treadmill that will take anything you can give it. Buy one without hesitation if you have the budget.


Where to Buy the Matrix T3X

You can buy the Matrix T3X at Amazon and enjoy all the benefits of buying from a well-known company as well as free shipping.