Review of the Ironman Treadmill from Keys Fitness

The Ironman treadmill has enjoyed a good reputation in some circles with a few positive ratings in independent treadmill consumer reports, however we are not so sure about these well-featured, great looking treadmills.

The Company Behind the Ironman Treadmill Brand

The Ironman brand is owned and manufactured by Keys Fitness based in Garland, Texas.

The company have been producing dumbbells and strength training products for many years but started manufacturing treadmills only in 1997.

Treadmill components are produced overseas to reduce costs and then assembled at Keys factories in the US. Unfortunately, this means there have been some problems with the quality of some treadmills particularly with the electronic elements.

The company own other brands too such as HealthTrainer and they manufacture treadmills on behalf of other companies.


Ironman treadmills are mid-priced machines ranging from just under $1000 to as high as $2,000.

Space Saving

Many of the current Ironman treadmills are folding treadmills - a great space saver if you don't have a lot of room. Fold up the treadmill after your workout to claim back your floor space! Normally the presence of a folding mechanism adds several hundred dollars to a treadmill's price but it does not seem to be the case with the Ironman treadmills.


Although there have been a few quality issues (probably due to using imported parts) Keys Fitness would appear to have enough confidence in all their Iron man treadmills today to offer a 10 year motor warranty. They also offer a lifetime warranty on frames and 2 years for other parts, with 1 year labor warranty. This is not the best warranty but it is above many other manufacturers at the cheaper end of the market. Unfortunately the question is whether that warranty is worth anything. (See "Any Problems" Section below)

Any problems?

Ironman treadmills do not have the best reputation for finish quality but they are still appear to be a great choice in terms of features especially at the lower price range.

However Amazon user reviews show over and over again that customer service is unreliable when things go wrong. My guess is that people are more likely to add comments if they are unhappy than if they have had no problems. But there are just too many similar cases for comfort. Be aware that you may have to be very persistent with customer service if you need them.


M Range Ironman treadmills (Now Discontinued - see note below)

NOTE (Updated 11/07): The M Range of Ironman Treadmills has been replaced on the company website which now lists treadmills with the names Ironman Envision, Ironman Edge, Ironman Legacy and Ironman Inspire. The Ironman 150T, 220T and 320T (Ironman Triad) described below ARE still for sale.

Ironman is one of those brands which often changes model numbers and names without any real change in the spec of the machines. This makes it difficult to do comparisons - you sometimes have to look at all the features to compare models at different stores. Sometimes I suspect that the changes in model name and number by some manufacturers may also be in order to bury poor reviews accumulated against a particular name.

T Range Ironman treadmills – the latest modern design

Our Summary


Ironman Treadmill Rating -2.5 out of 5 - Quality (service) problems prevent us giving a higher rating to the Ironman treadmills which would otherwise be a good option for a medium budget.


Where To Buy Ironman Exercise Equipment

You can buy Ironman treadmills and other Ironman equipment from where at least you will have the reassurance of buying from a big, well-known company should you have major problems. (There is also an Ironman elliptical trainer and Ironman exercise bike there for those looking for other items of fitness equipment.)


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