Is the Ironman 220T Treadmill a Great Buy?

The Ironman 220T treadmill is a solid folding treadmill which has a slightly better spec than it's 150T counterpart. Strangely although the list price ($1299) is marginally more expensive than the 150T you can buy it for less - around $900 with free shipping due to various deals.

But what do you get for your money?

Features of the 220T Ironman Treadmill

Problems with the 220T Ironman treadmill?

Many people are happy with their Ironman treadmill. One review states "I did a great deal of research before buying my treadmill and couldn't be happier with the Ironman 220t."

On the other hand there is some disquiet out there the most worrying of which is the poor response from Keys Fitness customer Care (who own the Ironman treadmills brand) when things go wrong.

One review says "It takes 20-30 minutes to get a human on the line when you call Keys Fitness customer service. My call has been dropped after a long wait a couple of times, too. When I finally did get a person, they were very friendly and told me they'd get a service person out to repair my treadmill. Four weeks later, after hearing nothing from the service people, I called Keys again. Again they were very friendly and told me that they'd resend my service request and they gave me the number of the repair people so I could call them if I didn't hear from them. A week later, after hearing nothing, I called the repair folks, only to find out that they haven't done Keys warranty work for two years. They just ignore the orders they receive from Keys".

Now one poor review like this might be a spanner in the works from a rival company or a one-off situation but you can find enough fingers pointing at Keys Fitness that would certainly put me off spending my hard earned cash on an Ironman treadmill.

If you are thinking about purchasing this treadmill, do look at Ironman 220T reviews page yourself before making up your mind. The rating at Amazon is 4 stars which is usually Ok but those poor reviews still give us pause along with a scattering of other poor reviews about customer service on other Keys Fitness treadmills.

Our Summary

The Ironman 220T has good features and is stable solid machine at a very low cost, but worrying reviews about customer service from parent company Keys Fitness mean that we can't recommend you buy this machine

Where to Buy

If you still want to buy an Ironman 220T treadmill then make sure you buy from a reputable company like Amazon who may be able to help if you run into problems with service and warranty and who have the best deal plus free shipping anyway.