Review of the Ironman 150T Treadmill : Hidden Problems?

Ironman 150T TreadmillThe Ironman 150T Treadmill is the least expensive treadmill in the Keys Fitness Ironman range (at least in terms of the recommended sellimg price). At just over $1000 it is a reasonable choice (though not one of our Best Buys for a number of reasons)


  • This treadmill the Ironman 150T has a 2.0 HP continuous duty motor which will allow you to walk or run although we would favor at least a 2.5 CHP motor for serious running
  • EKG pulse monitors on the hand grips of the machine help you track your heart rate and get a safe workout. (Note : we prefer a telemetric system for heart rate measurement (with chest strap) for more accurate continuous measurement)
  • The Ironman 150T treadmill has a 20″ by 56″ running surface with shock absorption long enough for taller runners. (“I have a long stride, and finding a treadmill that “fits” has been challenging. I’m 6’2 and this “fits” me just fine.”) The one fly in the ointment about this is that the running surface may be slightly too large for the size of motor. (The larger the surface area the more power required to move it over the rollers and this may lead to problems in the future)
  • The treadmill deck is a reasonable 1″ thick tempered hardboard
  • The Ironman treadmill 150T model has an assisted folding mechanism and transport wheels for easier storage. This adds considerably to the value of the treadmill as a folding mechanism may add as much as $500 to the price of a treadmill.
  • There is a 5-window LED monitor on the Ironman 150T Treadmill to help track workout progress and there are one-touch speed and incline bars which help you adjust the workout level with ease. The console displays time, distance, calories burned, heart rate and 1/4 time.
  • The machine has 3 pre-set programs (including a fat burn program and cardio program) and 6 customizable programs available to add variety and structure to your workout
  • Speed on the 150T treadmill reaches up to 10 mph and incline up to 10% – enough for most home exercisers though speed up to 12mph and incline up to 15% would be better
  • This heavy duty treadmill can support up to 300lbs in weight which is a declared maximum weight higher than many (In practise we hesitate to recommend you go for a treadmill with a maximum weight limit close to yours – go for at least 50lbs over if you want your treadmill to last)
  • The 150T treadmill comes equipped with a two-speed cooling fan with a reading rack and water bottle holder
  • Dimensions : 73 x 31 x 60 inches
  • Roller Size : 2.5″
  • Weight : 210lbs
  • Warranty. There is a lifetime warranty on the steel powder-coated frame, 10 years on the motor with one year parts and one year labor. In general durability of Ironman fitness treadmills seems to be good “We’ve been using ours regularly (several times a week) for nearly two years and it still works as well as ever”.

Any Problems?

  • A number of reviews state that the EKG pulse monitors did not function properly in their machines. We find this with many pulse monitor systems – sometimes they don’t read your pulse well or you have to hold the grips for too long to get a measurement, putting you off your stride. If possible don’t rely on a pulse system on any treadmill and opt for a separate heart rate monitor with chest strap. As there is no integrated heart rate control program (where the treadmill speed or incline are automatically adjusted according to your heart rate) this is a good option for this machine.
  • The instruction manual is not the best but Keys Fitness do allow you to download it so you can see what you are getting in advance : Ironman 150T Instruction Manual.
  • Some problems with noisy motors “Keys Fitness stated that this is normal operation. I would not buy this product.” and annoying squeaks are mentioned in some consumer reviews.
  • Some reviews complain that the machine is heavy but remember that is a GOOD THING with a treadmill. It gives much needed stability. You do not want a lightweight treadmill believe me. It will be on the scrap heap in no time. Just remember that you may need help to get the thing in the right place in your home.
  • The most annoying and worrying issue with the Ironman 150T treadmill is that customer service at Keys Fitness does not seem to be the best when there are problems. “It’s now been 3 months since I bought this product and it’s still broken.” This was not found across the board of course and it’s true that those with problems are more likely to post than those who are reasonably happy with their machine but it’s not something we like to see when spending $1000 or so on a machine.

If you are thinking about buying this machine, do look at Ironman 150T reviews page yourself before making up your mind. The rating at Amazon is 3.5 stars out of 5. We are looking for at least 4 or 4.5 if possible.

Our Summary

The Ironman 150T treadmill is Ok for a basic treadmill but we feel you could do better (see Best Buys)

Where to Buy

If you are determined to buy the Ironman 150T treadmill, we would suggest that you go to Amazon where you will have the backup of a big name should things go wrong.