Review of the Ironman 150T Treadmill : Hidden Problems?

The Ironman 150T Treadmill is the least expensive treadmill in the Keys Fitness Ironman range (at least in terms of the recommended sellimg price). At just over $1000 it is a reasonable choice (though not one of our Best Buys for a number of reasons)


Any Problems?

If you are thinking about buying this machine, do look at Ironman 150T reviews page yourself before making up your mind. The rating at Amazon is 3.5 stars out of 5. We are looking for at least 4 or 4.5 if possible.

Our Summary

The Ironman 150T treadmill is Ok for a basic treadmill but we feel you could do better (see Best Buys)

Where to Buy

If you are determined to buy the Ironman 150T treadmill, we would suggest that you go to Amazon where you will have the backup of a big name should things go wrong.