Fitness Quest Manual Treadmill Review

Fitness Quest Manual Treadmill

If you're looking for a manual fitness treadmill which is both sturdy and portable this folding treadmill from Fitness Quest may be what you are looking for.

You can see the current model - the Fitness Quest Edge 500 Treadmill (ETM00500) - in the picture.

Just one word of caution...

If a motorized treadmill is out of the question because you don't have the budget or you need a piece of exercise equipment which doesn't take up too much space, a manual treadmill is an option for you.

However do be aware that using a manual home treadmill is very different from using those commercial motorized treadmills at the gym.

What differences are there?

On the plus side, once you get used to the motion and incline of the Fitness Quest you will find that it's a good treadmill for getting a reasonable workout and most people are pleased that it does the job well – you can get fit and tone up with the machine right at home then store it away easily (it's fairly heavy (59lbs) but has built in wheels for easy movement).

Review of the Fitness Quest Features

The Fitness Quest Manual treadmill has the following features

Our Summary


If you just want to walk to get fit at home and can't afford an electronic treadmill, the Fitness Quest Edge 500 manual treadmill is a reasonable workout machine for the price Potentially the best treadmill with manual operation and very easy to store. But do you really want a manual treadmill or will it just gather dust?


Where to Buy Fitness Quest Edge 500 Manual Treadmill

You can purchase the Edge 500 Manual Treadmill exercise treadmill at a discount through Amazon.

$100 home gym

Though the Edge 500 is not a bad machine, in our view the real question is whether you want to spend good money on a manual treadmill at all when there are many other options for getting in shape at low cost (take a look at our $100 home gym article for a whole host of suggestions (some of them free).