Polar RS200SD Heart Rate Monitor : "A Great Running Machine"

Polar RS200SD heart rate monitor watch

The Polar RS200SD heart rate monitor is designed for competitive and serious runners who want to continue to improve their performance.

Polar Foot Pod Technology

The RS200SD comes with the Polar S1 Foot Pod which provides accurate speed and distance information in any conditions and allows you to combine pace information with the data from the heart rate transmitter on the monitor.

The Foot Pod uses sophisticated technology - an inertia controlled accelerometer - the same type of technology used in industrial robotics and aerospace positioning systems to detect speed and distance.

The Foot Pod is around 97% accurate without calibration or you can calibrate using your own gait to get closer to 100%. (This is a one-off process. After you have calibrated the Foot Pod the results are stored in the monitor).

Polar RS200SD Features

Any Problems with the RS200SD Polar Heart Rate Monitor ?

Alternatives to the Polar RS200SD

Polar RS200

The Polar RS200 heart rate monitor is the same watch as the RS200SD but the Polar RS 200 does not come with the Foot Pod. Go for this model only if you are NOT interested in the speed (Pace) and distance features of the RS200SD. With the Polar RS200 heart rate monitors you CAN add the Foot Pod later but it will be more expensive to buy separately.

Polar S625X

If you ever think you will want to use your Polar heart rate monitor watch to get cycling data choose the Polar S625X instead as the RS200SD does not interface with the Polar cycling sensors.

If you run a lot of hills and trails you may also prefer the S625X as this has an altimeter.

See our review of the Polar S625X if you are interested in these features.

Our Summary

Great for serious runners, the RS200SD is one of the least expensive ways to get speed and distance along with already first-class Polar heart rate monitor functionality. As one review said "Not quite perfect, but pretty close"

Where to Buy the Polar RS200SD heart rate monitor

Polar do not sell through their own websites and have only licensed a small number of dealers. Always buy from a licensed dealer such as Amazon to ensure that your warranty will be valid. You'll find the Polar RS200SD here on Amazon where you'll also find additional product pictures and reviews.