Polar CS200CAD heart rate monitor - a Best Buy

Polar CS200CAD heart rate monitor

The Polar CS range has been designed just for cyclists and is a popular choice for a cycling computer with built in heart rate monitoring.

Two Versions

The Polar CS200CAD heart rate monitor comes in two different forms - the basic CS200 cycling computer and the Polar CS200 CAD which is the basic model with the addition of a cadence kit to measure pedal revs (rpm)


(all features apply to both the Polar CS200 and the CS200CAD cycling computer unless otherwise specified)

What Do You Get with the Polar CS200CAD or CS200?

You get

Any Problems / things to note with the Polar CS 200 Cadence?

We have found the following in our Polar CS200 review

It has to be said however that drawbacks and complaints are very few and far between when you read CS200 reviews and one Polar CS200CAD review really puts it in a nutshell "I've been using my CS200cad for about 18 months now and still like it as much as when I bought it. When it breaks, I'll buy another one."

Our Summary

The Polar CS200 models are a great choice for cyclists who want to monitor their heart rate and training session data and improve all aspects of their performance.

Where to buy the Polar CS200CAD heart rate monitor

Polar sell their heart rate monitors online through a small number of licensed dealers. You can buy the CSS200 model and the CS200CAD cycling heart rate monitor from Amazon at a great price. Why not take advantage of their free shipping offer and have the reassurance of purchasing from a trusted, well known supplier?