Polar CS200CAD heart rate monitor – a Best Buy

Polar CS200CAD heart rate monitorThe Polar CS range has been designed just for cyclists and is a popular choice for a cycling computer with built in heart rate monitoring.

Two Versions

The Polar CS200CAD heart rate monitor comes in two different forms – the basic CS200 cycling computer and the Polar CS200 CAD which is the basic model with the addition of a cadence kit to measure pedal revs (rpm)


(all features apply to both the Polar CS200 and the CS200CAD cycling computer unless otherwise specified)

  • feedback on cycling speed from the wireless advanced sensor (current, average and maximum speeds). The sensor is easy to attach to the front wheel and is aerodynamic.
  • A speed pointer on the monitor shows you the relationship between your current and average speed.
  • odometer- measurement of distance ridden
  • Polar OwnCal functionality which measures your calorie expenditure during your session based on the data (such as weight and gender) you input into the monitor on set-up and also totals up the calories you used over a number of training sessions.
  • Standard effective Polar heart rate monitor functionality via the Polar wearlink transmitter and comfortable chest belt (supplied) which feeds data to the monitor for continuous heart rate analysis in beats per minute or percentage of maximum
  • Polar OwnZone feature which works out the correct training zone for you based on a short walking/jogging test and provides an audible and visible alarm when you stray from that. You can use this training zone or set your own heart rate training zone manually and still use the alarm functionality.
  • Cadence measurement (on the Polar CS200CAD cycling computer and can be added to the CS200)
  • Cycling Intensity which calculates the kilocalories you are using per hour
  • Polar OwnCode helps prevent cross-talk (interference) from other heart rate monitors if you are in close proximity to other users
  • time of day
  • Auto Start option which starts recording when you move and stops when you do
  • Data Recording: the CS200 records daily, weekly and seasons totals and holds up to 7 different exercise sessions in files on the monitor so you can review past sessions in detail. The files store data on time and distance, time in/above/below heart rate zone, average and maximum heart rate for the session, calories burnt, average and maximum speed, lap data, average and maximum cadence (if you have CS200CAD or the cadence option on the Polar CS200)
  • You can download your CS200 Polar session data via the Polar weblink functionality and your PC microphone and soundcard (sonic link). This means you can use the Polar Cycling Coach website with each model to
    • get access to training programs developed for Polar by top cycling coach Lothar Heinrich and useful cycling and training articles provided by Polar
    • maintain a training diary of your downloaded data
    • track your progress
  • The CS200 and CS200CAD Polar UpLink feature makes it easy to transfer settings from your pc to the Polar CS 200 models although they are also easy to set on the monitor with the set-up wizard.
  • The Polar CS 200 CAD and the CS 200 allow you to record wheel size settings for two different bikes which is useful if you use more than one or for an additional user (You can purchase an additional bike mount and the monitor is easy to move between bikes – or to remove when you’re leaving your bike somewhere for that matter)
  • Stopwatch functionality – the monitor will record up to 50 laps and feed back data on the number of laps, the best lap, individual split/lap time and distance, average speed of the lap and the speed when the lap started/ended (and if you have cadence functionality average cadence and cadence at start/end of lap)
  • up to two countdown timers which will autorepeat if required to help with interval training
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). You enter the distance at the start of your ride and the monitor calculates your arrival time based on your speed.
  • The clear over-sized monitor display will scroll through the various data available at the touch of a button or you can set it to scroll through the options automatically. The data displayed is configurable to your requirements.
  • The monitor has a backlight, sound volume setting and is water resistant to 10m (protecting against rain and splashes)

What Do You Get with the Polar CS200CAD or CS200?

You get

  • the Polar CS200 cycling computer
  • Bike Mount
  • Speed Sensor
  • Cadence Sensor (CS200CAD only)
  • Polar Wearlink coded transmitter and comfortable chest belt
  • Polar Use Manual
  • 2-year guarantee

Any Problems / things to note with the Polar CS 200 Cadence?

We have found the following in our Polar CS200 review

  • Neither the Polar CS200 cycle computer nor the CS200CAD are compatible with the older Polar S series cycling sensors – you need to use them with the CS compatible accessories supplied. (and for the Polar CS200 purchase the CS compatible cadence sensor if required)
  • While the battery on the monitor is self changeable and there is a low battery indicator, the speed and cadence sensors for the CS series are sealed for protection. As they have an expected life of 2500 hours this should not be too problematic – that’s an hour a day for over 6 years by which time presumably you will be ready for the latest and greatest functionality available at that time – or at least a new relatively inexpensive sensor!
  • Exercise session data is not downloadable from your monitor to your local PC – only to the Polar website facility
  • You will need to spend a little time setting up your monitor and getting to know it to get the most out of all that functionality.
  • The sheer amount of functionality in the Polar bike computer may prove a little overwhelming for some.
  • One drawback is that the Polar CS200 models are designed to be bike mounted rather than worn on the wrist so that you can’t easily use the heart rate monitor functionality for other activities.
  • If you are looking for a multi-sport solution you might be better taking a look at the Polar S625X heart rate monitor (with optional bike accessories) or the CS300 (which is a cycling computer you can wear on your wrist). However if you only exercise in a gym (apart from cycling) the Wearlink transmitter belt supplied with the Polar cS200 models interfaces with most popular makes of gym equipment and this may be all you need.
  • Some have mentioned that they find the Polar CS200 expensive. And it’s true that you pay for Polar quality, innovation and features. If you find the CS200 models too pricey, the Polar CS100 is a slightly less expensive model but it does not have the 7 day session memory of the CS200 or the cycling intensity feature.

It has to be said however that drawbacks and complaints are very few and far between when you read CS200 reviews and one Polar CS200CAD review really puts it in a nutshell “I’ve been using my CS200cad for about 18 months now and still like it as much as when I bought it. When it breaks, I’ll buy another one.”

Our Summary

The Polar CS200 models are a great choice for cyclists who want to monitor their heart rate and training session data and improve all aspects of their performance.

Where to buy the Polar CS200CAD heart rate monitor

Polar sell their heart rate monitors online through a small number of licensed dealers. You can buy the CSS200 model and the CS200CAD cycling heart rate monitor from Amazon at a great price. Why not take advantage of their free shipping offer and have the reassurance of purchasing from a trusted, well known supplier?