Omron HR 100C Heart Rate Monitor Review

Omron HR 100C heart rate monitorThe Omron HR 100C heart rate monitor is one of the most popular heart rate monitors around and for good reasons.

It comes from a trusted brand – Omron Health Care and it is both simple to operate and inexpensive to buy.

The HR-100C is the only heart rate monitor which Omron produce so choice is limited but this digital heart rate monitor comes with plenty of features for those seeking to use the monitor for exercise and general fitness.

Omron HR-100C Features

Features include

  • a standard digital watch with ventilated watch band and backlight
  • stopwatch feature
  • a transmitter chest strap which is comfortable enough to wear once you get used to it (though a strapless heart rate monitor watch might sound more appealing you will find it a nuisance to use as you need to stop exercising to take your pulse – the strap transmitter means you get a continuous reading)
  • Both the watch and chest transmitter belt are water resistant to 98 feet (30 meters)
  • Optional Alarm function for low and high heart rates
  • Mounting bracket so that the watch receiver can be mounted to most treadmills and bicycles

Unlike more expensive monitors, you can get the batteries changed locally with the Omron heart rate monitor (or even change them yourself although this may affect the water resistance warranty if that is important to you). This helps keep costs down too.

Any Problems?

The Omron HR-100C may not be the most accurate wireless heart rate monitor and readings are reported to fluctuate a little (see Amazon reviews of the Omron HR100c) but if you are using this for casual exercise and improving your general fitness this is unlikely to cause problems. If more accuracy is important to you and you still want a simple to operate heart rate monitor watch take a look at the Polar F6 heart rate monitor.

Our Summary


Omron HR 100C Heart Rate Monitor – simple and effective at a great price


Where to Buy the Omron HR-100C heart monitor watch

You can buy the Omron heart rate monitor at Amazon which usually has some great deals on the watch and comes with the assurance of buying from a trusted company. You’ll also see over 140 user reviews of the Omron HR 100C there giving an average 4 out of 5 rating – pretty good given that people are more likely to post a poor experience than a good one.