Is the Mio Shape Heart Rate Monitor for You?

Mio Shape Select heart rate monitorA Weight Loss Tool

The Mio Shape heart rate monitor is a great tool for those who want to measure their heart rate and lose weight. It is a strapless heart rate monitor and calorie counter combined in one unique unit.

In fact, this Mio watch may be just what you are looking for if you hate the thought of wearing a chest strap (standard with most heart rate monitors), want to make sure that you exercise effectively in the fat burn zone AND eat the right number of calories each day to lose weight.

Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

On the other hand, DON’T BUY a Mio heart rate watch if you are looking for continuous heart rate monitoring during your exercise session. In common with all effective strapless heart rate monitors, Mio heart rate monitors require that you pause in your activity to put your fingers on the heart rate sensors for a few seconds so that your pulse can be taken.

Of course, with the Mio shape heart rate monitor you also get the benefits of NOT having to wear a chest strap. This makes for a more comfortable workout and means you can take your heart rate throughout the day and get a heart rate reading anytime, anywhere. And, as one reviewer said, you don’t have to wire yourself up like the Six Million Dollar man just to go for a jog.

Benefits of the Mio Shape Heart Rate Monitor

So what do you get when you purchase a Mio Shape heart watch? You get:-

  • accurate ECG heart rate measurement through fingertip touch sensors and without having to wear a chest strap (the Mio readings check out as accurate when compared to other monitors with a chest strap)
  • feedback on percentage of maximum heart rate based on personal input
  • display of calories burnt during your workout (great to keep you going for a few more calories)
  • calorie tracker showing calories consumed and balance remaining against your daily calorie target
  • modes for time and seconds, calendar, lap counting, calories and heart rate
  • alarm feature
  • MioSENSE guide to healthy living with fitness, nutritional advice and help with calorie counting
  • great unisex style with a sporty look and ability to change the look of your Mio heart rate monitor with optional interchangeable watch bands

Any Problems with the Mio Shape Heart Rate Monitor?

Having read all the reviews about this Mio heart rate watch, the main complaints are from those looking for continuous heart rate monitoring functionality which you simply can’t get with a strapless heart rate monitor no matter how good.

Nevertheless there were also a few comments on Mio heart watches describing some sporadic difficulties with getting a heart rate reading especially at the start of an exercise session. Usually these can be remedied by:-

  • dampening your fingers before taking a reading
  • making sure you use the pads of your fingers and not your fingertips
  • checking whether the back of the watch has good contact with your wrist (it can sometimes help to push it a little way up your arm)

While some exercisers have said that they are able to take a reading while walking or jogging, most find this too tricky and they need to pause to take their heart rate.

Some reviewers noted that the Mio Shape Heart Rate monitor is a big watch and may not be something you want to choose for everyday wear especially if you have a slimmer wrist. Although there is also a Mio Shape Select Petite heart rate monitor which is designed for those with a wrist of 6.75″ or smaller this only provides a smaller strap rather than a smaller watch face.

Some say that the alarm is too quiet (so don’t rely on it waking you up for your exercise session in the morning!)

Using Your Mio Heart Rate Watch

Before you use the watch for the first time, make sure you get to know it by reading the instructions. There is a lot of functionality incorporated in the Mio unit using just 6 buttons so it can be a little tricky until you are familiar with how to operate it.

First of all you need to set it up by adding information such as time, date, calories per day target, your weight and resting heart rate. The instructions walk you through everything you need to do.

To take a pulse on any of the Mio heart monitors, you place the pad of your middle finger on the top sensor on the front of the watch unit and press the bottom sensor button with the pad of your index finger. After holding for a few seconds (generally 5 to 7) the reading will appear.

To deduct calories from your daily total you need to hold the SET button while changing the digits – this can prove a little tricky to begin with and it has discouraged some reviewers from using this functionality of their Mio Shape heart rate monitor.

Our Summary

This Mio strapless heart rate monitor is just right for those who want to use their heart monitor to lose weight but hate the idea of wearing a strap.

Where to Buy Mio watches

You can get all of the Mio range at Amazon. Take a look at the latest selection from the mio range and the review page for the Mio Shape heart rate monitor.