Top Heart Rate Monitors : We Pick the Best

Best Buy Heart Rate MonitorsMost heart rate monitors are designed for general fitness activities and can be used for any purpose although there are a few which are specifically designed for a particular activity such as running or cycling.

The specialist monitors are, for the most part, at the higher end of the price range for heart rate monitors.

For that reason, we have picked the best general fitness heart rate monitors at all price levels and then chosen the very best specialist monitors for particular sports.

Finally we have looked the best strapless monitor for those of you who don’t want a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. (Be sure to read our Heart Monitor Buying Guide to check whether you need to use a chest strap or not before choosing a strapless heart rate monitor – most people looking for heart rate monitor NEED to use a strap).

In our review for each category and activity we have assessed value for money, accuracy, ease of use and range of features and of course, we always take into account what actual users have to say about their monitors.

Best Heart Rate Monitors for General Fitness

You can find these monitors at every budget level so we have picked out three from the hundreds out there – one for each price category. It doesn’t mean all the others are a bad choice but we particularly like these ones.


Heart Rate MonitorWhy we rate this
1.Omron HR100C Heart Rate Monitor
Omron HR100C Heart Rate Monitor Info
A simple easy to use monitor from a trusted health care companySee our Review of the Omron HR100C
2.Polar F6 heart rate monitor
Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor Details
One of our review team just purchased the female version of this (the F6F) for themselves. It has everything you need in a mid range monitorSee our Polar F6 Review
3.Polar S625X Heart Rate Monitor
Polar S625X Heart Rate Monitor Watch
25 Reviewers score this on average 4.5 out of 5. A heart rate monitor suitable for many activities with Foot Pod technology to measure speed and distanceSee our full Review of the Polar S625X


Best Heart Rate Monitors For Running

All the general fitness models above are great for a running program. If you would like to measure speed and distance go for a model with GPS or Foot Pod technology if you have the budget.


Heart Rate MonitorWhy we rate this
1.Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS
More Info on the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS
A huge number of reviewers (over 250) score this on average 4.5 out of 5. A sports computer on your wrist with GPS. Bulkier than a standard sports watch but not for the technology inside.See our Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Review
2.Polar RS200sd heart rate monitor
Polar RS200sd Heart Rate Monitor Watch
A running computer which is less bulky than the Garmin with good reviewsSee Our Review of the Polar RS200SD


Best Heart Rate Monitors for Cycling

If you want a top of the range monitor for cycling this is our top pick


Heart Rate MonitorWhy we rate this
1.Polar CS200CAD cycling heart rate monitor
Polar CS200cad Cycling Computer Heart Rate Monitor
Affordable. Handle bar mounted. This will measure speed, distance and cadence (revs per minute) and a whole heap of other data specific to cyclists.See Our Review of the Polar CS200CAD


Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Avoid the cheapest monitors which are likely to be inaccurate and plump for a…


Heart Rate MonitorWhy we rate this
1.mio shape strapless heart rate monitor
Mio Shape Select Heart Rate Watch details
Mio have the best reputation in strapless heart rate monitors. This watch is simple to operate, accurate as strapless monitors go and with a clear displaySee our Review of the Mio Shape hrm