Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer : Highly Recommended

Sole E35 elliptical trainer

Sole E35 - a Smart Choice?

The Sole E35 elliptical trainer is a smart choice when you are looking for quality elliptical equipment without spending an arm and a leg. It has so many features that are normally only found in high end ellipticals that you are sure to be happy with it.

While the next model down (the E25 elliptical trainer) is some $200 - $300 cheaper, we believe that if you are willing to overshoot a $1000 budget by $300 in choosing the E35 elliptical machine you are unlikely to regret it.


With the Sole E35 elliptical trainer you will find:-

Any Problems with the Sole E35 elliptical?

There are a few minor issues - nothing which would put us off buying, but we did note:-

It has to be said that problems and complaints are few and far between. People tend to be delighted with their purchase of this Sole elliptical trainer and with Sole fitness equipment in general. Certainly Hilton have been happy to furnish their hotels with Sole fitness treadmills for a number of years and they are now adding the ellipticals. The Sole E35 reviews you'll find are positive and upbeat (try finding as many happy customers of other equipment in this price range and you'll look for a long time). Some examples...

"the Sole E35 elliptical is one of the sturdiest units you'll find under $1300"

I researched for about 4 months before I made my choice and I'm very happy with the results review


The Sole E35 ellipticals have a great warranty - the best you'll find at this level, showing you how much confidence the company have in the build quality. With a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years parts warranty and two years labor you are pretty well covered in the event of problems. The extra warranty cover may even be enough to justify the E35 over the Sole E25 (which has three years parts warranty and one year labor) especially if you thinking of purchasing extended warranty cover. In any case you can feel happy to have chosen a Sole when lesser mortals are battling with a 90 day warranty (How little confidence those manufacturers must have in their machines!)

Our Summary

The Sole E35 elliptical trainer is a class leader in terms of performance, stability, smoothness of operation and value. Highly recommended.

Where to Buy the Sole E35 elliptical trainer

The Sole E35 is usually on sale for a good price at Amazon where you will get free shipping from a trusted supplier. You can also buy Sole ellipticals from Sports Authority. This company includes shipping with internal delivery for the same price. And obviously if you are out of state, there's a big advantage to buying elliptical fitness equipment online - no sales tax to pay.