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Nordic Track elliptical trainerThe Nordic Track elliptical trainer is a low to moderate priced elliptical brand from the company made famous for their quality cross country skiing machines back in the 1980s.

Since that time, Nordic Track have gone out of business and the name was taken over by Icon Health & Fitness.

The company have now expanded their line of home fitness equipment into creating Nordic Track branded treadmills, low-impact elliptical trainers and other fitness machines.

Great Features

As parent company Icon specialises in creating innovative fitness equipment while keeping costs low, the Nordic Track ellipticals are generally high on features. Each model comes with plenty of resistance levels and programs.

i-Fit Compatible

Some of the Nordic Track ellipticals (such as the Nordic Track CX 990 CX 1055 and CX 925) are compatible with i-Fit. This means that for $15 a month (first month free) you can get a whole range of downloadable programs for your Nordic Track elliptical. While this is an nice feature if you tend to get easily bored with your workouts, it is still an add on cost.

Reflex Step technology

Recent models such as the Nordic Track CXT950 E950 Elliptical have something makers Icon call "Reflex Step technology". This eliminates dead spots in the elliptical cycle and provides a smoother motion.

Cooling Fan

Many models have a cooling fan which is powered by the energy that you generate from your workout – a great idea (although you might need a bigger stand-alone fan to get a strong enough cooling effect).


There is a good folding elliptical trainer option in the Nordic Track range if you really need to save floor space. The Nordictrack Spacesaver elliptical folds to reduce the space needed to 40" L x 27" W x 67" H as opposed to 64" L x 27" W x 67" H when the machine is being used. Just two feet less but it may be important where space is tight. This elliptical is priced around $799.

The Nordictrack CX 938 elliptical (at $799) continues to be a popular model along with the CX 985 (recommended price $949). Both machines have a great range of electronic features and the Silent Magnetic Resistance which is a smooth resistance system (not quite so good as the Eddy current brake system however in more expensive models).

The NordicTrack CX 1055 is one of the top of the range models from NordicTrack. For a suggested retail price of just less than $1000 it packs in a whole lot of features including a heart rate monitor, built in fan, i-Fit compatibility, 19 pre-programmed workouts and progress tracking with the training zone meter. This model features the Nordic Track “Stride Thru” design, which aims to simulate a more natural walking or running motion to give you a smoother, more comfortable workout and better elliptical endurance. The CX 1055 also allows you to automatically change the incline of the ramp as well as the resistance – normally found only on more expensive ellipticals.

Introduced in 2007, the AudioStrider 990 has all the regular features of a Nordic Track elliptical but it also interfaces with your MP3 player or ipod. You simply plug it in to get music to accompany your workout through the Intermix Accoustic sound system.

Mixed Nordic Track Reviews

Because of all the features and the fact that the machines have a sturdy feel to them, Nordictrack reviews are often quite positive.

Unfortunately Icon are known for not using the best quality components in producing their exercise equipment and this has resulted in some less favorable elliptical ratings alongside the positive feedback.

Some consumer reviews say that the Nordic Track ellipticals, in particular the cheaper ones, tend to shake and wobble at high intensity levels, others that parts were missing or did not fit well together on assembly.

If you choose to buy a Nordic Track elliptical make sure that you exchange it if there are problems in fitting components together on assembly as this might affect the sturdiness and noise level of the machine later on.

However be aware, that if things go wrong you may have a battle with Nordictrack customer service as you'll see in this review by a buyer of a Nordictrack Audiostrider 990


The standard warranty offered by Nordic Trac is one year parts and labor. While this is longer than the 90 days offered by some makes, it is a pity that Nordic Track do not give frames a longer warranty as these should stand up to much longer use.

Unfortunately with fitness equipment you tend to get what you pay for so if your machine will get heavy use (say more than 30 minutes three times a week at moderate intensity) or you are worried about build quality and endurance make sure you take out extended warranty cover or choose a different elliptical.

Our Summary


A Nordic Track elliptical trainer range is fine for light use and you get a lot of features for your money but if you want a machine you can subject to prolonged or strenuous workouts you need to look for a more robust (and probably more expensive) machine.


Where to Buy Nordic track Elliptical machines

You can buy NordicTrack exercise equipment in retail stores and on the Web via and other approved sites such as Workout Warehouse.