Review of the Fitnex E70 Elliptical Trainer - A Dream Machine?

Fitnex E70 elliptical trainer

Fitnex E70 - a hidden gem

The Fitnex E70 elliptical trainer is one of the hidden gems of the home fitness equipment world. Although this is commercial quality grade equipment you can pick up a Fitnex E70 elliptical for the price of many lesser home elliptical machines. And yet hardly anyone knows about this beauty of a machine!


What is so great about this elliptical? Well, actually quite a few things...

Any Problems with the Fitnex E70?

One issue is that you will not find many Fitnex E70 reviews around the web. Sometimes it's good to have the reassurance that others have been there before you but the one or two reviews we did find are pretty glowing about the machine.

One Fitnex E70 review mentioned that the handlebars are on the short side for those of less than average height though it appears that you can obtain extensions if required from the company.

Our Summary

The Fitnex E70 elliptical trainer is a beautiful machine of commercial quality available at a residential price. One of the best choices you can make in it's price class.

Where to Buy the Fitnex E70

There is a great deal on the Fitnex E70 at Amazon.